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The following activities incorporates vocabulary skills, parts of speech, grammar, and descriptive writing skills.

 1.  Find examples of words with capital letters. Categorize them according to a rule.

 2.  Find examples of how quotations are used. Categorize them according to a rule. Do the same for commas.

 3.  Find adjectives that describe how something looks, feels, sounds, smells. Make a chart to categorize them.

 4.  Find adverbs that have -ly.

 5.  Count the number of paragraphs in one chapter.

 6. Look for abbreviations.

 7. Look for statistics. Write the numbers in words. 

 8. Make an index file of new vocabulary words. 

 9. Write the word forms of your vocabulary words.

10. Rewrite image phrases in your own words.

11.  Draw a picture of the image.

12. Expand on the image.

13. Identify images as similes or metaphors.

14.  Make a list of your favorite new words and categorize them according to their parts of speech.

15. Make a list of words that describe how something sounds. Make a list of words that tells how something looks.

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