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Meet Some of the Kids Who Care . .

A six year old boy shows immense generosity and compassion by telling the kids he invited to his birthday party skip the gifts for him. Instead, it was his wish that they bring gifts to donate to
children at Head Start. His teacher at school inspired his unselfish giving


18-year-old Trevor started "Trevor’s Place," so homeless people could become more independent and   learn to contribute to society. A thrift shop and daily food runs helped Trevor’s Place win the 1991 National Caring Award.  It is now updated and revised and renamed, "Youth Venture."

Go to Youth Venture
Unconditional Sharing

Students from Ridgewood Elementary School in Hilliard, Ohio learned a powerful lesson in helping others.
Read about it in the Columbus Dispatch.
Riverside Homeless Project 

Fifth grade students at Riverside Elementary School spent a year learning about homelessness and became involved in many projects that made a difference in the their lives and the lives of others.

Go to Homeless Project2000


AfterShare for Kids

Four young girls (12 and 13 years old) wanted to find a way that they could make a difference. The Center director's daughter, Kerri (who had volunteered since 1990), and her best friends, Lori and April Mathews, began AfterShare for Kids in October, 1995.

Go to AfterShare for Kids


Stand Up for Kids

An organization that is dedicated to helping the homeless  and street kids. A visit to this site make you want to get involved and do something to help!

Go to Stand Up for Kids

Help the Homeless

Read an inspiring story!


Ann Seeks to Make a Difference



Tyler Warren, a second grader, wants a national day of recognition for the Homeless to helps the homeless get a day of recognition. The idea, says the well-spoken boy, is for everyone to donate a blanket, a coat, money or food on one day in February to help those less fortunate

Read about it in the Seattle Times, February 21, 2000.  "Eight Year Old Boy Wants Homeless Day of Recognition," by Lisa L. Diaz.


Jacob's Wish

Jacob and his mother raise money to help the homeless by auctioning a line of designer bear collectibles, all profits donated to the National Coalition for the Homeless.


(For more information, go to

Go to Jacob's Wish

K & N Homeless Help

Two girls are interested in helping the homeless


The Homeless

A community service project.