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Sources Summaries
Bureau of Labor Statistics
U.S. Dept of Labor
Check here for current unemployment statistics
Eaton, Leslie. "City’s Unemployment Rate Stays at Its Lowest," The New York Times, May 5, 1999.
In New York City (March, 1999), unemployment was 6.5%, down from 8% in 1998.
Lardner, George  Jr. "Tech Boom Fuels Rising Home Costs; HUD Reports 'Crisis' As Prices Skyrocket," Washington Post, June 12, 2000
Home prices and rents are rising more than 1 1/2 times faster than the rate of inflation.
Shear, Michael and Tom Jackman. "Fairbox Boom Leaves Little Room For Poor; Study Finds Homeless Number Rising; Most Are Full-Time Workers And Children," Washington Post,  March 14, 2000
There is a contrast between the economy in Washington--where the unemployment rate is less than 2 percent and technology jobs are substantially increasing-- while the number of homeless families in Fairfax County rose by more than 12 percent last year.

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