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Anthony, LaurieHave a Great One! A Homeless Man's Story (Anthony Publishing, October 1999).
Bayley, Rosalind.  Out In the Cold?: Examining the Issue of Homelessness (Garnet Pub Ltd, November 2000).
Blair, Corneliayn. Homeless in America : How Could It Happen Here? (Information Plus, June 1999).
Blau, Joel. The Visible Poor : Homelessness in the United States (Replica Books, February 2000).
Cobb, Jodi (Editor), Nan Roman, Phillip Brookman (Editor), Jane Slat Siena, Tipper Gore.  The Way Home: Ending Homelessness in America (Harry N. Abrams, December 1999).
Connolly, Deborah. Homeless Mothers: Face to Face with Women and Poverty (University of Minnesota Press, February 2000).
Cuffe, Mary. The Woman of Too Many Days : Poems
(Calyx Books, November 1999).
Mary Cuffe's poetry showcased in The Woman Of Too Many Days reveals an astonishing talent for the use of language to convey meaning, image, feeling, imaginative engagement. Another Journey: The woman of too many days/is in Iceland./I know this because/I got a postcard from Iceland/and all the writing was in pigeon,/which only she knows./You'd think if a person was going/all the way to Iceland/they'd tell about it in a language someone/other than pigeons could read./Ever since she went to the mountains/the woman of too many days/has been bent on traveling./You never know where she'll turn up next. Midwest Book Review
Downer, Rosemarie T.  Homelessness and Its Consequences: The Impact on Children's Psychological Well-Being and Family Functioning That Reaches Far Beyond Financial Costs Homelessness and Its Consequences: The Impact on Children's Psychological Well-Being and Family Functioning That Reaches Far Beyond Financial Costs (Garland Publishers, November 2000).
Glasser, Irene and Rae Bridgman. Braving the Street: The Anthropology of Homelessness, Public Issues in Anthropological Perspective (Bergahn Books, February 1999).
Gottfried, Ted.   Homelessness: Whose Problem Is It? Issue and Debate (Millbrook Press, March 1999).
*I found this book to be very informative. Various views regarding the problem of homelessness were presented in such a way that the reader could come to her own conclusions. It is a very straightforward book and contains current information. 
Laurie Anthony
Helfgott, Esther Altshul. The Homeless One: A Poem In Many Voices (Kota Press, 2000).
The Homeless One is a courageous and heart spoken story filled with genuine dialogue and real purpose. Soulfully written with wisdom, courage, and truth. Nikki Coyote, Executive Director Jubilee Women's Center, Transitional Housing for Women 
This book is not only written words: it is a living action, asking for action in return." Anitra L. Freeman, Homeless Women's Network, Seattle

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Kutais B. G. (Editor), Tatiana Shohov (Editor) Homelessness: A Guide To The Literature. 2nd Edition (Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 1999).
Min, EungjunReading the Homeless—The Media’s Image of Homeless (Praeger Publishers, 1999).
Stringer, Lee.   Grand Central Winter (Seven Stories Press, 1998).