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Have a Great One!
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   Have a Great One! A Homeless Man's Story received an Honorable Mention Award in the 1999 Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Competition in the Nonfiction category.
   Have A Great One!: A Homeless Man's Story is the personal account of Laurie Anthony's encounter and subsequent experiences with J.C. Simmons, a homeless man residing on the streets of New York City. This is a compelling exploration of the psychology of homelessness and a journey of self-awareness, knowledge, trust, and compassion as Laurie learns about a homeless man's plight and strategies for survival on the streets. Have A Great One! is a carefully researched and sensitive account of the problem of homelessness and an inspiration to anyone wanting to make a difference, wanting to deal with this growing American phenomena of the homeless in our urban cities.
                                        Midwest Book Review
   A very informative book regarding one man's homeless situation. J.C. is a very captivating figure, his story as shared with Laurie Anthony was one of courage, respect, pride, heartbreak, survival and the dark side of human nature.
       I felt that the writing style improved as the story progressed and opened up, moving away from the author's experience to focus more on J.C.. There were a lot of gaps that he never filled in for the author, but showed us enough to enable our minds to comprehend on a small scale the struggles of the homeless, thus creating awareness of the issue.
      It would be nice to find out what eventually happens in J.C.'s life after the book is published and to find out how the experience has changed Laurie's life as well.
      I would recommend this book, especially for students. It would be a great way to introduce them to this whole issue. The book is written in an easily readable style, with many resources listed at the end of the book for further research.

                                     New Books Review
                                                 Diane Morgan - Editor in Chief
    Laurie Anthony does care and does become involved with the homeless problem. I loved this book because it shows how an ordinary person can make a difference. So often people say, "I'm not going there!" They are not getting involved - they are staying in their own safe world. But Anthony takes a risk and does get involved. If only we all would light just one little candle as Laurie Anthony has done, the world would be a better place.  This book is an inspiration to is all!
                                     Carol Homon, Teacher
    Many of us have made a small effort at trying to help the homeless. Many of us have made a small effort at being educated about the homeless: how many there are, reasons for them being homeless, etc. Very few of us, if any, have taken the time to actually get to know a homeless person. Laurie Anthony did just that and then shared it with the rest of us. "Have a Great One" is a compassionate, insightful look into the life and times of one homeless man. Homelessness is at best, a complicated issue. This book brings to light both our frustrations, as a society or as individuals, in dealing with the homeless and the frustrations of the homeless themselves. It is a very compelling and enlightening read.
                                        Sandy Turner, Teacher
   I met Laurie Anthony through a homeless listserv I belong to and we exchanged emails regarding the outreach work I have been doing with the homeless street people in Manhattan. We met in person while I was involved in this late-night outreach work, and I was amazed at her tenacity, her sensitivity and her insistence upon helping J.C. I was deeply moved by Laurie's accurate observations of our street friends in the city and her ability to transcend the many obstacles she encountered, with the grace and integrity both she and J.C. deserved. Her book, "Have A Great One!" is an excellent and poignant exploration of her year's journey here in New York, accounting her deep commitment to J.C. and his family. As a teacher and an advocate for the homeless, I highly recommend reading this. I use it now as an up-to-date resource when I do my seminars on homelessness in our Sociology class. I applaud them both, Laurie and J.C.
                                        Jeanne Newman
                                        Teacher and Homeless Advocate
     Laurie Anthony lets us enter the world of the homeless through her experience with one unique individual. The story is fast-paced and rich with Laurie's own internal reactions to what she finds. Most importantly, the author shows how getting involved can really make a difference.
                                        Suzanne Saul
        Although I have yet to read it, the reviews for Laurie Anthony's NEW book, Have A Great One! A Homeless Man's Story, are good. This book is personal account of Laurie Anthony's encounter and subsequent experiences with a homeless man living on Manhattan's mean city streets. Be sure to buy your copy and read it.
                                        Tedrico’s Place
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