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    I have visited the following websites numerous times and have found them very informative and enlightening. I've included my comments that will hopefully direct you to the specific information you are interested in locating. More web sites will continue to be added!
Absolute Authority on Homelessness (hosted by Anitra Freeman)
A wealth of information and links! Go to to inquire about a web clipping service on issues related to homelessness.
AfterShare for Kids
Four young girls (12 and 13 years old) wanted to find a way that they could make a difference. The Center director's daughter, Kerri (who had volunteered since 1990), and her best friends, Lori and April Matthews, began AfterShare for Kids in October, 1995.
Bay Area Homeless Project (BAHP) 
Excellent source of information to use in the education of people about homelessness, including the Homeless Education Kit. Current research and information about advocacy, especially on college campuses, is very helpful.
B.R.E.A.D. (Building Responsibility, Equality, And Dignity)
"The mission of B.R.E.A.D. is to draw together people of faith to act powerfully on local issues of justice and fairness through processes of relationship building, direct action, and negotiation with decision-makers."  Email
Care of Poor People
For information about Survival 2000: Preparing America's Poor and Homeless for Winter. November 25, 2000.
Consolidation for Social Awareness and Responsibility (CSAR)
End Homelessness Now
Ideas for helping the homeless. This site accepts donations and also has a list of places to shop online where a certain percentage of money is donated to the homeless.
Faith Mission
Friends of the Homeless Friends of the Homeless" was founded in 1992 in Daytona Beach Florida to meet the needs of the many unfortunate people who have become homeless victims in America.
Grand Central Neighborhood Social Services
A nonprofit agency serving midtown Manhattan, publishes Upward, a monthly newsletter (Upward) and Big News Magazine, all publications that deal with issues of homelessness.
The Great Speckled Bird Homeless
Articles written by individuals dedicated to increasing the awareness of homeless issues and ways people can help (hosted by Anitra Freeman).
Homeless Discussion List
Email to register.
Subscribing to this list is one of the best ways to keep informed on issues regarding homelessness. The archives of discussions provides a great deal of information.
Homeless Online 
This web site has been developed to help the homeless online. It also provides links and resources .
Homeless People and the Internet
Great resource for finding current news as well as resources about homelessness.
Homeless People's Network
Excellent source of information and discussions about homelessness hosted by Arizona State University. Contact the site for information about registering.
Homes for the Homeless
International Homeless Discussion List and Archives  
Links to over 450 sites with information on the homelessness. Probably one of the best sites to go to and spend hours.  Links to over 450 sites with information on the homelessness. 
International Union of Gospel Missions
Go to How to Help the Homeless. Especially interesting are 1) Former homeless individuals of the Bowery Mission share their stories; and 2) Rescue Mission Programs.
John Balderson's Homelessness Web Site
John has developed this web site. Read about the Homeless Assistance Center in Fort Lauderdale, John's experiences with being homeless, and about Arnold Abbott at this website.
National Alliance to End Homelessness
National Coalition for the Homeless
National Health Care for the Homeless
National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty
National Resource Center on Homelessness and Mental Illness
The Resource Center maintains a resource database containing listings of over 5,000 published items concerning homelessness and mental illness.
Partnership for the Homeless
Good related links about homelessness.
Poor Magazine Online
A magazine that trains low-income people, most with little or no writing experience, to become journalists.
Poverty Message Board
Riverside Homeless Project  Homeless Project 2000
Fifth grade students at Riverside Elementary School spent a year learning about homelessness and became involved in many projects that made a difference in the their lives and the lives of others.
Salvation Army
Stand Up for Kids
An organization that is dedicated to helping the homeless  and street kids. A visit to this site make you want to get involved and do something to help!
Tedrico’s Page Homelessness Resource Links

Excellent site containing information on shelters, soup kitchens, panhandling, how to help the homeless and more. User friendly site--developed by homeless man.
Through My Eyes
Edie Cohn, an artist and writer, portrays homeless individuals in a sensitive and artistic way.
Trevor's Place
18-year-old Trevor started "Trevor’s Place," so homeless people could become more independent and   learn to contribute to society. A thrift shop and daily food runs helped Trevor’s Place win the 1991 National Caring Award.
U.S. Office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)  
Volunteers of America
Welfare Information Network
Check out "Promising Practices" to become aware of projects in the U.S.  that are models for welfare reform.
Hot Topics:  issues and resources relating to welfare reform (up to four weeks old) are found here.