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The following activities are suggestions of ways a teacher can use my book to develop writing skills in students.


1.  Use chapter titles to make predictions

2.  Rewrite a paragraph in your own words. Compare to the original. What do you like better about each paragraph?

3.  Rewrite a paragraph and add details to the sentences.

4.  Study alternation of narration and dialogue in a chapter. Rewrite the chapter using all narration and then using all dialogue.  What effect does this have on the reader?

5.  Study the opening paragraphs in each chapter. How is anticipation created?  Study the ending paragraphs. How do they effectively provide a transition to the next chapter?

6.  Look for good transitions between paragraphs.

7.  What are the parts of this book?

8.  Do the quotes at the beginning of each chapter add to the book?  Why or why not?

9. Look at the bibliography and footnotes. Study the format used.

10. How does the research help or not help the book?

11.Write an index to the book.

12.  Find statements that are facts and statements that are opinions. How do you know the difference?

13.  Choose one of the opinion statements and write your own opinion.

14.  Choose one of the facts statements and do further research on this fact.

15. Find a paragraph or sentence that paints a picture for you in your mind. Draw or paint the picture you envision.

16. Rewrite several pages, changing from first person to third person.

17. Write about a time you were afraid or cautious.

18. Write about a time you helped someone.

19. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about the homeless.

20. Make a chart of the different kinds of sentences (i.e. declarative, imperative,). Find sentences in the book and list on the chart.

21. Find examples of metaphors, similes, ontomotopeia, and personification.

23. Make a timeline of the events in the book.

24. Choose an event and dramatize it. Write it as a play or skit.

25. Write a picture book about J.C.

26. Retell story in your own words.

27. Make a list of scary events.

28.  Make a list of funny events.

29.  What are some of the emotions the author experienced in her adventure with the homeless?

30.  Research
   -- What do you know about New York City?  Have you ever  gone there? 
    -- Go to the library to find out information about New York City (use books, encyclopedias, internet). Suggestions:  population, tourist attractions, cultures, climate.
    -- Compare New York City with your hometown.

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