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A Homeless Man's 

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Activity 1  The Essentials
Students work together to determine what items are needed to furnish a house. Each group is in charge of a room and they brainstorm all the furniture and furnishing needed. Students draw a floor plan of the house and label where each item will go. They also determine how they will obtain each item.
Activity 2  Making a Timeline
Students make a large timeline for the bulletin board and label each task that needs to be accomplished. As each task is completed, they write what was done and post it on the timeline.
Activity 3  Committees
The class signs up for committees to work to accomplish their tasks. Click here to find out more about the committees.
Activity 4  Shopping Spree   
Students plan shopping excursion to store that has the best prices. Click here to find out more about the shopping spree.
Activity 5  Homeward Bound

asia.jpg (64749 bytes)Students take the bus the the house they are going to furnish. Click here to find out more!

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