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Description of Project:

Students will collect and review books to donate to a family shelter or homeless organization. They will raise money to purchase books and organize a school wide book drop for book donations. They will read selected books and write book reviews (which are then affixed to the book).

1.  Homeless Awareness Activities*
2.  Favorite Books: Brainstorm favorite books in different genres. Bring in favorite books to share and survey parents as to their favorite books.
3.  Compile list of favorite books from class
4.  New books: Teacher shares new and other books with class.
5.  Add books to list; type in spreadsheet according to genre.
6.  Write a Book Review: Teacher models a review on a selected picture book. Students choose a book to review with a partner. Share with class.
7.  Purchase books
8.  School flyer/announcement--Book Drive
9.  Book Reviews: Students select a picture book, fiction and nonfiction book to read and review. Reviewers are shared with class and affixed to inside page of book. Parents are also invited to write book reviews.
10. Book Collection --Sorting books collected in Book Drive. Use spreadsheet. Various math activities to estimate value of books.

*Homeless Awareness Activities
Read books                   Watch videos
Teacher Read Aloud    Discussions
Contact agencies           Speaker
Agency research           Creative writing
Visit shelter                   Read news articles, etc.
Art/poetry                     Reader responses
Letters to the editor      Research world poverty
Research                         Math - statistics
Online research              

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