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October 6, 2000

My Book:
Have a Great One! A Homeless Man's Story

I'm finding that success in self-publishing success is slow, but I am encouraged by the numerous small accomplishments that have been made.

The most exciting news I've had recently is an article in the New York Post (October 6) about my book about J.C. 
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My Website
Many things have been happening since I first published my website. I've listed it with several search engines and it is now starting to appear--it seems to take about 4 weeks for the site to be processed. Many websites that deal with homelessness have my site listed as a link. This has brought many visitors to my website. The feedback I have gotten has been very positive and encouraging.

I continue to stay in touch with J.C. Unfortunately, the worse has happened--J.C. is being evicted from his apartment, through no fault of his own. He doesn't have the means to get another apartment, relying on a small monthly social security check. I've been there to help him deal with this on an emotional level, but it hasn't changed the reality. J.C. will be homeless again. It is very sad for me because I never thought this would happen again to him. But there are many reasons, and I'm trying to accept the fact that a homeless person has many problems that prevent him or her from getting off the streets. 

August, 2000
Things happen for a reason, I have always believed. I am a teacher, yet my undergraduate training was in social work. It is no coincidence that through my teaching I have helped children become aware of the problem of homelessness. This issue was close to my heart--I don't know why--and when I found myself living in New York City for 1 year (so my son could attend a performing arts high school), I found myself face to face with homelessness as I perused the streets and parks of Manhattan.
I was still a teacher, but then I became a social worker of sorts. And after I spent a great deal of time talking to one homeless individual, I then became a writer. I wrote a book about him, Have a Great One! A Homeless Man's Story, because I wanted to tell his story and hopefully, this book would help get him off the streets. And, much to my surprise, it did just that!
When I returned to teaching, I never anticipated that I would be able to use my experience and my book in opening the hearts of my students! Yet the ripple effect of my learning impacted my fifth grade students' lives also. I integrated our study of homelessness into our curriculum and involved my class in various projects that made them realize that they could make a difference.
One of my students suggested that I develop a website. "Why?" I asked Daniel. "To tell people about your book," he said, "and to tell people how they can help the homeless."   So I said I would think about it, but would he help me? And of course he said he would--in fact, the whole class was excited about helping me develop a website. The initial website can be found at:


Comments from Laurie Anthony, author of Have a Great One! A Homeless Man's Story ,and  developer of this website, Another Way to Help the Homeless.

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