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Description of Project:

Students conduct a school-wide drive collecting caps, hats, sock, and mittens and other winter items to donate to a homeless shelter. They design school flyers and posters and make announcements to classrooms and graph results.

1.   Homeless awareness activities*
2.   Read book, Caps, Hats, Socks, and Mittens by Louise Borden.
3.    Make project timeline
4.    Design School flyers and posters and write parent letter.
5.    Make collection boxes for each grade level
6.    Make school graph by grade level
7.    Count items each week and graph
8.    Sort items into boxes
9.    Contact agency and arrange for pickup or delivery
10.  Use graph information to make spreadsheet, Share results with school.

Other Activities:

1. Research winter temperatures in U.S. cities
2. Develop experiments to test the warmth value of various winter items
3. Price items by looking through ads. Determine best values.

*Homeless Awareness Activities
Read books                   Watch videos
Teacher Read Aloud   Discussions
Contact agencies          Agency research
Speaker                          Visit shelter
Art/poetry                     Letters to the editor
Research                         Online research
Creative writing            Math - statistics
Read news articles, etc.
Reader responses          Research world poverty

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